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Bryan was given his Avatar name Donar meaning cloud drummer from his Master Gong Avatar Sotantar Suraj. Donar is a Gong Avatar Trainer, 500 RYT yoga instructor, Usui Reiki Master, and performs Body Tuning using tuning forks and the gongs. Donar is embracing the true vibration of the self, the planet and the universe. Through his study of ancient texts, training with the Gong Avatar Academy, and study of Human Tuning with Dr. John Beaulieu. “my training has woken me up into who I am meant to be through learning from the gongs how to overcome challenges and live from the heart

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Throwback to 1:11 on 1/11/20 at the Integratron 🌟1:11 practice is a vibration of pure love created every day at 1:11 🌟Think of a moment you felt true bliss and feel the emotion deep inside you. 🌟The vibrations of love you create at 1:11 will carry with you through your day and spread to others. 🌟Doing this practice daily will create in you a vibration that you can draw upon at any time to radiate love vibrations.

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