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Bryan was given his Avatar name Donar meaning cloud drummer from his Master Gong Avatar Sotantar Suraj. Donar is a Gong Avatar Trainer, 500 RYT yoga instructor, Usui Reiki Master, and performs Body Tuning using tuning forks and the gongs. Donar is embracing the true vibration of the self, the planet and the universe. Through his study of ancient texts, training with the Gong Avatar Academy, and study of Human Tuning with Dr. John Beaulieu. “my training has woken me up into who I am meant to be through learning from the gongs how to overcome challenges and live from the heart.The 111 Vibe. I have experienced an abundant increase in my potential during my training.” Donar has been a resident of the central coast in Grover Beach for 25 years. He sought out Sotantar to become a student due to a desire. The desire was to learn his own gifts and an increased awareness through the vibrations of the gong. Donar has committed to traveling far distances to seek out teachings his soul desires. Donar is working with students on the central coast through private gong sessions and Gong Bath Workshops. “ I love my fellow yogis and avatars deeply and I believe I am on the path the universe has laid out for me.

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